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Information is the key to staying on top of the entire client interaction process, and JAF knows that. Finding and leveraging client leads, as well as customer engagement, are the biggest highlights of JAF. Beginning with lead engagement, maintaining leads, converting leads to customers, closing the deal, and then following up can mean the difference between success and failure. Saving money, boosting efficiency, cutting overhead. All of these things are possible with JAF Data Entry’s top-notch and cost-efficient services.

Why Choose JAF

Outsource E-commerce Data Entry Services

The management of huge volumes of data is required in e-commerce. In order to convince shoppers to acquire products, it's vital that product information is accurate and well-presented. Data input is one of the most crucial aspects of any e-commerce company, and it should be handled the outsource data entry services with care.

Outsource Offline Data Entry Services

If you're not in a hurry, our offline data entry can save you time and money by "batch entering" information and then uploading it to our secure servers. This includes datasets purchased from third parties, customer information gathered manually from an engagement such as an in-store purchase, and anything else not related to the internet.

Outsource Online Data Entry Services

Our Affordable Online Data Entry services enable us to complete any work in the shortest amount of time possible. We can gather data from the internet and convert it into a format that is suited for online storage and access.

Outsource Data Processing Services

It is the process of gathering and converting unprocessed data into machine-readable information.

Outsource Data Management Services

It is a database management system that allows you to define, manipulate, retrieve, and manage data in a database.

Outsource Record Indexing Services

The technique of marking a file with information about it in order to make it easily retrievable is known as document indexing.

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Our objective is to better our people’s lives by giving them opportunities to flourish as individuals and encouraging them to be leaders of their own path; at the same time, we stay committed to supporting our customers’ progress by offering a modern age customer experience at every transaction and possibility.


With innovative solutions, global influence, and foreign capabilities, our objective is to be the dominant offshore business partner in the modern age. JAF aims to continue providing high-quality services to a diverse range of worldwide clients. We aim to help small and micro businesses by providing them with cost-effective staffing to suit their changing demands.

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At JAF, we don’t cut corners. We believe in “slowly, but surely” and transparency. After all, we are partners in growth. JAF’s data entry services packages are made to meet the following goals.